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  • Adam S. Doyle

    Adam S. Doyle

    Adam S. Doyle is an award-winning fine art painter and professional illustrator. He has illustrated covers for a myriad of best-selling books and competitive card games. Thematically, his interests include nature, wildlife, mythology, consciousness, energy, and the supernatural. Adam’s work plays in the space between the familiar and the unknown. 

  • Victoria Georgieva

    Victoria Georgieva

    My name is Victoria, and I’m the artist behind Very Berry. I constantly try new things and alternate between digital and traditional art, but using colourful underpainting and sneaking extra colours are the two constants in my art no matter what technique I use. My current focus is on the colourful, dramatic, semi-realistic representation of…

  • Monica Carvalho

    Monica Carvalho

    Monica is a Swiss photographer and digital artist based in Berlin. Her passion is to create surreal photomontages using photos taken during daily life and holidays around the world. The aim of her work is to give you a double-take and make the ordinary “extraordinary!”

  • Loryn Brantz

    Loryn Brantz

    Loryn is the creator of The Good Advice Cupcake, Jellybean Baby Comics, and two best-selling board book series Feminist Baby and It Had To Be You (Love Poems Your Baby Can See). She is also a two-time Emmy Award winner for her work on Sesame St. She is currently a Creative Director at BuzzFeed, where…

  • Kness


    I’ve learned that one should do what they like and not what they think people will like. Sincerity is essential.

  • Carlotta Notaro

    Carlotta Notaro

    Tell us a bit about yourself!  I live in Anzio, a coastal city below Rome, Italy, where I work as a freelance illustrator and animator! My job gives me the possibility to work on a lot of very different projects, so I love jumping from animation projects, to children’s book illustrations, to commissioned portraits, to…

  • Rachel Merrill

    Rachel Merrill

    Rachel Merrill grew up in Louisiana, where she never quite felt like she fit in at her school. The art department was underfunded, and female students seemed to receive unfair treatment from school administrators. These days, she she has finally found a place to call home. It has been a long journey that started with Rachel…

  • Dom Wise

    Dom Wise

    Multidimensional performer and visual artist Dom Wise sees the world as a utopia. His positive outlook is both the message and the muse behind everything he does creatively. “I use that word, utopia, a lot in my art, whether it’s my photography or my music. I like to capture the world as I see it and that’s…

  • Lauren Saint-Onge

    Lauren Saint-Onge

    Diverse interests outside of art and a willingness to seek out art mentors have helped shape Launt Saint-Onge‘s career as an illustrator. Her interest in art began as a child growing up in a rural area of New England called Woodstock, Connecticut. “It’s really just woods and a couple of schools,” she said. “I grew up in the middle…

  • Erik Johansson

    Erik Johansson

    Erik Johansson celebrated his 15th birthday with his family on the farm where he grew up. The digital camera he received as a gift from his parents was a complete surprise, and Erik began experimenting with it right away. His first subjects were his family members and the surrounding scenery in rural Sweden: little red houses…

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