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  • Deborah Lee

    Deborah Lee

    Deborah Lee was struck by a spontaneous idea on April Fool’s Day years ago. She browsed over to Facebook and began typing a new post, letting her friends and family know that she was quitting school and going to Pixar to work on Toy Story 4. “Within an hour there were at least 200 people who…

  • Harteus


    Felicia Wahlström lives in a small Swedish coastal town called Gävle. Known online as Harteus, she is a digital painter whose classical style is made unique with a dark modern touch. She is one of just a few artists in Gävle. “My city has always painted itself as a culture hotspot, but I don’t know if…

  • Emmi-Riika


    Finnish artist Emmi-Riikka has been on a journey of self-discovery that has taken her from Finland winters to the summery south of Spain, where the weather is beautiful and it feels like a holiday all year long. Starting a new career as an illustrator after initially working as a graphic designer, she submitted her work to agencies…

  • Carlotta Notaro

    Carlotta Notaro

    Tell us a bit about yourself. I live in Anzio, a coastal city below Rome, Italy, where I work as a freelance illustrator and animator! My job gives me the possibility to work on a lot of very different projects, so I love jumping from animation projects, to children’s book illustrations, to commissioned portraits, to…

  • Tuomas Korpi

    Tuomas Korpi

    Tuomas Korpi lives in Helsinki, Finland, where he is the Creative Director of an animation and illustration studio, Piñata. His lifelong interests in drawing and painting, combined with his skills in computers and architecture, have led to a body of work with a special focus on landscapes and lighting. “What I enjoy the most are environments and…

  • Rachel Suggs

    Rachel Suggs

    Rachel Suggs grew up in Texas, where she attended an arts magnet high school. She also benefited from the encouragement of her creative parents. “I was really privileged to have a family that supported my work. My mom’s a painter, and my dad’s an architect. Having that early was a really positive experience as I began…

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