Category: Artist Spotlights

  • Mora Vieytes

    Mora Vieytes

    Mora is a 3D artist and designer from Buenos Aires, Argentina making fun and colorful 3D art with a focus on type and awesomeness.

  • Jenny Caldwell

    Jenny Caldwell

    Jenny is a designer and illustrator based in the Pacific Northwest with 15+ years of experience in the creative field. Her work focuses on soothing color palettes, femininity, and wellness, among other themes. In addition to design and illustration, Jenny teaches and motivates other creative people through online tutorials and classes. Jenny has a passion…

  • Amanda Morrow

    Amanda Morrow

    Amanda Morrow is an illustrator based in Southern California. Amanda uses digital media but strives to give her artwork a traditional look by using brushes to mimic gouache, pencils, and pastels. She loves bringing characters and their worlds to life, hoping to inspire people young and old. She is currently working on illustrating her first…

  • Pedro Correa

    Pedro Correa

    Pedro Correa is a graphic designer and freelance illustrator in Florianópolis, SC, Brazil. Pedro’s retro aesthetic, which shows through pen and ink drawings and halftone textures, comes from a passion for comic books. His work can be seen in the entertainment industry through advertising and television, as well as the music industry creating posters and…

  • Li Zhang

    Li Zhang

    Li Zhang is an award-winning illustrator based in New York City. She was born in JiangSu, China. She graduated from Fashion Institute of Technology with a degree in illustration. Prior to moving to the States she worked as a product engineer for Groupe PSA in Shanghai. Combining rational logical thinking with creative imagination, she enjoys…

  • Sarah-Lisa Hleb

    Sarah-Lisa Hleb

    Sarah-Lisa Hleb is a freelance illustrator specializing in fun characters and colorful illustrations for a variety of fields, including books, mascot designs, children’s publications and animation. She enjoys drawing animals and fantasy and likes to focus on reduced and flowy designs with a soft look and nice lighting. She currently lives in Klagenfurt, Austria.

  • Sophie McTear

    Sophie McTear

    Sophie McTear is a Tucson-based queer, nonbinary illustrator specializing in digital illustration. They use bold line work and bright colors to focus on images inspired by their LGBTQ+ experience, representation of chronic illness, and honest and vulnerable self-expression.

  • Jiji Knight

    Jiji Knight

    Jiji Knight is a Mexican-American pinup illustrator. An avid champion of body positivity and uniter of the cute and macabre, she dedicates her body of work to the art that is a woman. Jiji is actively seeking to put out into the world the art she wished she had seen growing up. She holds a…

  • Yaoyao Ma Van As

    Yaoyao Ma Van As

    Yaoyao is an art director, painter, illustrator and occasional animator. Over the years she has worked at Disney TV Animation, Warner Brothers Animation, Rick and Morty, Stoopid Buddy Studios, Starburns Industries, etc. Yaoyao enjoys creating stories with each painting, especially the ones with her dog Parker in them. Yaoyao lives and works in Los Angeles.

  • Erica Williams

    Erica Williams

    Erica Williams, also known as HookieDuke, is an illustrator known for their intricate mark-making and illustrations of flora and fauna. Tangled with fantastic and often macabre tones much of their work focuses on the forgotten, endangered, the occult and lore. Erica attended Kansas City Art Institute (KCAI), and became a freelance illustrator in 2012. Since…

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