Loryn Brantz

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I’m an artist and writer in NYC. I live with my husband and amazing daughter, Dalia, who is a huge source of inspiration for my work. Dalia has two extremely rare genetic disorders, Trisomy 14 mosaic, and Sotos Syndrome. Because of all her challenges, I have become extremely passionate about early childhood development, which is how I discovered the benefits of high-contrast art for babies. When looking for some for Dalia, I noticed none of the black and white books or art had loving messages I would want to share with her, so I created this art to serve that purpose. 

What is the main medium, content, and/or themes that are frequently present in your work?

I often work in pencil and digitally. My art’s themes are always based on what I want to share with the world. What would make people feel the most seen, happy, loved, or heard? What can I do with my skills to make the world a better place? My hope for these prints is that they make babies feel cozy and loved in their space and help with eye development as a bonus!

What have you learned on your journey to becoming a published author/illustrator that you would pass on to those just getting started?

There are a lot of things I could say! Primarily, I would say there is a lot of rejection involved, so be prepared for that. Even if you feel it’s your best idea/work ever, you’ll probably get almost all rejections — but it only takes one editor to believe in you for it to happen! So keep sending, keep revising, and be open to feedback, so you don’t lose your mind. 

Tell us about your artistic process.

I usually start with a very broad intention, like, I want to make a book that helps kids.  I let that gestate in the back of my mind for however long it takes, then at some point, I’ll be walking or showering or something mindless, and BAM the idea hits. After that, I get so excited that I can’t get it on paper fast enough, it’s usually a bit of a mess the first go but it’s good to get it out. Then I spend time refining it after I calm down till I feel it’s ready to show my agent or publishers. 

What are your hobbies and interests outside of creating art? How do these affect you creatively?

I love to take walks, and it also happens to be how I get my best ideas.

Tell us how you get motivated to push past creative blocks.

Sometimes you just have to pick an idea, even if you don’t love it, and just execute it. Not everything you do will be the most inspired moment of your life; it’s good just to keep pushing, keep creating; the moments will come.

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